Mrs. Perry's Intro to College Algebra & College Algebra HDC classes...       Don't Forget to check the CAHDC link at the bottom of the page for printable PDFs and Calendar updates!
Welcome to College Algebra!

Welcome to College Algebra !!!  

8272014_65410_9.jpgClass Schedule:

1st:  Intro to College Algebra
2nd: Intro to College Algebra
3rd:  Intro to College Algebra
4th:  College Algebra H/DC
5th:  College Algebra H/DC
6th:  Conference
7th:  Intro to College Algebra

Tutoring Schedule:
  2:45 - 3:45pm, Wednesdays (H/DC) and Thursdays (Intro)
in Room 221

Intro* classes (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 7th): Intro to College Algebra Syllabus
All Intro to College Algebra students  - Welcome! The link above will take you to our course syllabus. Please follow the link at the bottom of this page for PPTs and our class calendar so you can keep up with the content we are covering in this class!  Please note: All (Regular) Intro to College Algebra students will ONLY receive a local credit for the course for graduation purposes. You WILL most likely have to take CA when you get to college!

Honors/Dual Credit* (4th):      CAHDC Syllabus (CHS:FALL & LSC-M:Spring)
The Fall syllabus is the same as the Intro to CA classes, and the content will remain the same until all of the students have either the code to the Pearson textbook, or the textbook itself from Lone Star. The pacing will be accelerated, however, due to the nature of the course. Make sure you have taken and passed your TSI test @ Lonestar College over the summer. If not, please take the test during the month of September. We need these scores ASAP! You must have PASSED the TSI with a sufficient score (350) in order to be admitted/enrolled into the Dual Credit portion of the class in the Spring semester.

Please click the following form to enter contact info and read the calculator use policy. The link (below) will take you to a website housing assignments, powerpoints, notes, etc. I will be partnering with The Woodlands High School's Ms. Arel for this course. Also, be sure to visit the website OFTEN! I will try to keep you informed of the activities in the class and advise you of events and other info as soon as I know of it!

~Mrs. P

Contact Information :
3200 West Davis Blvd
Conroe, TX 77304

*Please bear with me as this webpage is under construction... Things I'm working on include:
Future Units / Major Projects / Tests / Timeline
Calendar / Semester exam schedules


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