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1st, 2nd, 3rd
5th, 6th, 7th

4th period

Supplies required for Astronomy:
-Scientific Calculator (Basic type.  Does not have to be expensive graphing type).  sholdn't be more than about $20.
-Pen/pencil.  All of our tests are on Scantron forms, so you will need a pencil to take those tests.
-1" 3-ring binder.  You will be taking lots of notes and receiving many handouts throughout the year.  A 3-ring binder will     help you keep all of your "stuff" organized and able to be shuffled around.

-Be on time.  I close and lock my door after the tardy bell rings.  Be in your seat, ready to go when the bell rings.
-If you are late, get a pass.
-No profanity!
-Stay awake.  If you are sleeping, you are missing out on important information.  If you miss a little, you miss a lot.
-Every 9 weeks I give you a 100 as a major grade for participation.  Every time you are sleeping (including having your head down), talking/disrupting class, texting, not participating in labs, etc., you will lose participation points which CANNOT be earned back.  By the end of 9 weekd, this participaion grade can save you or sink you.  It's your choice.
-No eating in class.  This is a school rule.
-Take your hats off in class.  The dress code is enforced.  
-If you have questions about astronomy or about the expectations in class, please see me before or after class or during my 4th-period conference to discuss.

-There is not much homework in this class.
-Most homework consists of reviewing your notes from that day.  If you keep up with your notes, you should do very well.  From time to time there will be other homework assignments, requiring you to go outside and find things in the night sky.
-I offer after-school tutorials on Wednesdays until 4:00 pm.
-There will always be a review before every test.
Expect an open-note quiz every Friday.  I also average all of your quizzes and that becomes a major grade, as well.  Don't blow off quizzes.


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