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Communication Applications and Creative Writing

 "Talent is a gift, but character is a choice."
                                                                                   ~John Maxwell
                Jill M. Greenhill, Teacher, M.A.
                                                                          30 Years of Experience in Education
                Communication Applications
                                    Creative Writing
                      Conference Period: 4th period at 10:10-11:00
                                                E-mail: jgreenhill@conroeisd.net

  • Communication Applications is a one-semester course designed to teach students how to be more effective communicators in a wide variety of real-life scenarios.
  • Students will...                                                         
  • Gain the confidence and skills necessary to speak effectively in front of an audience.
  • Prepare and present speeches to inform, engage/entertain, and persuade.
  • Work successfully on a team using Collaboration, Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution skills.
  • Recognize the impact, both positive and negative, behind others' nonverbal communication as well as their own.
  • Identify and utilize the various types of listening, the importance of critical listening to make important decisions, and how each type of listening impacts their lives.
  • Conduct job interviews, Explore educational opportunities beyond high school, and Research FAQ about a career of their choice.

  • Creative Writing is a one-semester course designed to allow students to experiment with different types of writing, to share their work with their peers in a safe, supportive environment, to give and receive productive feedback, to build self-confidence, to have regular uninterrupted time for writing, and to prepare for their college education and future careers.

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Important things to know about the course:

  • A willingness to interact with your peers and a positive attitude are paramount to your success in this course.

  • Expect to have fun and to be challenged.

  • Expect to make mistakes. We can learn from them!

  • Students will be expected to demonstrate respect at all times. Stepping out of their comfort zone and sharing in front of people is much easier when there is acceptance and tolerance.

  • Supplies needed: A 2-inch binder or folder to put your work in and colored pencils or markers. Creative Writing will also need a notebook (spiral or other) for journal writing.

  • Students are responsible for completing their work on time. Make-up work for students who are absent is expected to be completed in a timely manner. If assignments are turned in more than 3 days past the due date, students should expect to see a grade no higher than a 70. For assignments turned in up to a week late, a 50 may ve recorded. (Please note that there may be extenuating circumstances. Students are encouraged to email me if it is possible.)

  • Testing is limited as this is an applications class and students are assessed regularly on how they apply the skills they have learned to real-life scenarios. Nevertheless, there will be ONE major test at the end of the first nine weeks and an exam at the end of the the second nine weeks. Both of these will be OPEN-NOTE.

  • Most grades, both major (70%) and daily (30%), are participation-based.  Students will  be expected to interact with others and to make presentations in front of the class. Some written work will also be required.  Being present and on time to class is very important!

  • Electronics Policy
  • Electronics should NOT be in use when the class signal is RED (displayed on board)
  • This means no electronics when classmates are presenting, during group work, (unless needed for research purposes) and when the teacher is giving directions or lessons.
  • Both headphones/earphones should be removed before entering the classroom.
  • A warning will be issued the first few weeks of the semester. After that, a failure to comply to these rules may result in an automatic referral.

  • Communication Applications Syllabus
1st Nine Weeks

I.   Intrapersonal Communication-Who am I? What are my goals? What is important to me?
II.  Responsibilities as Communicators-Respect, Empathy, Positive Leadership
III. Perception/Fear/Stage Fright-Building Confidence
IV. Nonverbal Communication - Impact of Body Language
V.  Team Building, Collaboration Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution - Small Group Activities
VI. Creating a Speech, Giving Speech Presentations & Delivering Effective Speeches
VII. Listening
VIII. Oral Interpretation (Storytelling, Poetry, etc.)

  • Activity Samples:
  • Personality Bag/Box
  • T-Shirt Activity
  • Famous Character Interview
  • 24 Hours of Silence   
  • Famous Person/Character Interview   
  • Quote-Memorized    
  • The "Um" Game                                                   
  • Group Communication-Ideal Vacation Home
  • Demonstration Speech
  • Tribute to a Hero         

  • 2nd Nine Weeks                                
  • I. Resume Writing, Job Interviewing Tips and Practice
  • II. Exploring Education and Training Beyond High School and FAQ about Careers
  • III. Introduction to Naviance (G.P.A., college planning, SAT info, jobs)
  • IV. & V. Informative Speech with Research and Visual Aids
  • VI. Persuasion-Logos, Pathos, Ethos
  • VIl. & VIII. Introduction to Debate
  • IX. Marketing Project and Propaganda
  • X. Bon Voyage Speech


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