Welcome to Herr Schall's website. I am trying to make my website new again this year so please be patient. I will be changing the page and adding to it throughout the academic year. I want to inform the student about the general framework of the couse and I hope that this website is of great use.

                                                                                                                                GERMAN AT CONROE HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Name of teacher: Herr Jeffrey Schall M.S.;Ed. (Duquesne University).  I also have university credits from the German
Universities in Kiel and Erfurt.

Conference: My conference period is weekdays third period usually beginning at 9:08. Please e-mail me at my school e-mail address or call for an appointment-jschall@conroeisd.net.
School Telephone: (936)709-5000

School E-mail: jschall@conroeisd.net

Courses:  German 1
                German 2
                German 3

GRADING :The following will be used as the grading scale and has been adopted by our LOTE  (Languages Other Than English).

                TESTS will be averaged as 70% of the students'  grade.
                 ASSIGNMENTS, QUIZZES, and HOMEWORK will be averaged as 30% of the students' grade.

Supplies: Many supplies will be needed for classroom use during the school year. We need markers, tissues, rulers, art supplies,  construction paper,  markers, old magazines, glue sticks, or anything else that could be donated to my German program at Conroe High School. Students should bring supplies to class as well. We will keep a portfo;io and students are free to take pages home.                                                                                                 

Dictionaries: It is strongly recommended that students purchase a pocket dictionary for their own use, during the course of the year.

Text: We will be using the Komm Mit text series in class for all three levels and the students wil be able to check out the Auf Deutsch series from the book room. The Auf Deutsch will be used as a reference. Students are required to do all work in class. Students must bring required work to class.

Tests: Generally, there will be at least one test per three weeks. They will be noted below, during the corresponding weeks in the schedule below.

Rules-Besides rules that aply to the school as a whole,  I clearly state that students should-
    1) Not talk when I am.
    2) Do the work given to them in class.
    3) Remain seated in class when we are working.
     4) Do not line up by door.

Homework: Students will be given many items to study at home. Many of the assignments will be found in the students folder portfolio that we create in class. The student is free to take any of their work home for review and return it to their portfolios the next schoolday

ELECTRONICS ARE ONLY PERMITTED WHEN STUDENTS ARE TOLD TO USE THEM-NOT DURING INSTRUCTION. Some assignments may be  completed with electronic translators.
Assignments and assignments missed: Please monitor your child's progress-grades and assignments missing will show up in PAC. Extra credit and make-up work are available. Late work will be dealt with on an individual basis with ample opportunity to make up work missed.

Grading -70% Major grades/
30% minor grades-4 major grades total per nine weeks and at least one daily grade per week.

Vision: Conroe High School is a flagship for excellence.

Mission Statement:CHS is a safe environment that promotes challenging programs with rigorous expectations and a supportive environment that allows for individual differences while preparing students to become life-long learners and responsible citizens.


WEEK ONE (AUGUST 24-31) This week I will concentrate on getting to know the students and teaching the basic alphabet and numbers from 1-20. We will create a poster about ourselves using 2 sentences in German.  Assignment: Poster.

WEEK TWO (SEPTEMBER (1 -4 We will begin a study guide on chapter 0ne -these must be completed in class and will receive a grade when completed. We will be reviewing the numbers and alphabet this week and concentrating on the verb to be. There will be a comprehensive check of work this week.

WEEK THREE (SEPTEMBER 8-11) We will be finishing our study guides and working on any unfinished business. Students need to study for their test (TEST 1) which will take place on Friday. Please remember that this is the first of the three week periods and that students will be receiving a progress report.

WEEK FOUR (SEPTEMBER (14-18) We will continue by doing chapter 2 vocabulary of which many are a review. We will have different assignments and these will be filed in our porfolios that we keep in th classroom and can be taken home to study-the student must study these words at home and these will be included on their second exam.

WEEK FIVE (SEPTEMBER 21-25) We will be working on study packet 2-hobbies, leisure, sports. Regular verbs and prounouns will also be discussed. We will have a work check at the  end of the week-students must have required parts completed.

WEEK SIX(September 28-October2) Review for test-students should study assignments and study guide for test. We will have our second Chapter test. End of six weeks-all work is due by Friday.

WEEK SEVEN (OCTOBER 5-09) We will be following a family and everyday life. We will concentrate on vocabulary and gradually move towards more complex structure-a study guide will be provided. Students must study vocabulary. We will use vocabulary in several in class assignments. Topics include family and household vocabulary.

WEEK EIGHT (OCTOBER 12-16) Review, test-end of nine weeks.
WEEK NINE (OCTOBER 19-22) We will be creating our chapter 4 word list and starting our first film of the year Findet Nemo. We will finish and review chapter 3.
WEEK TEN (OCTOBER 26- 30) We will start to study about school and related themes further studying grammar and related nouns and verbs. We will be translating schedules into German. Time and days of the week will also be included.

WEEK ELEVEN (NOVEMBER 2-6) Continue last week school related themes and start study guide for Chapter 4.

WEEK TWELVE (NOVEMBER 9-13) Review-test- retest-FILM TBA.

WEEK THIRTEEN (NOVEMBER 16-20 ) Finish film-we will begin a unit on clothes and related vocabulary-this week we will work with our vocabulary list-students must study these. We will have a work check this week TBA.

WEEK FOURTEEN & FIFTEEN (DECEMBER 1-18) Finish up chapter 5 -review-test.  We will tie up loose ends.

WEEK ONE (JANUARY 5-8) We will review numbers and time. Students will have 2 assignments.  

WEEK TWO (JANUARY 11-15 Study guide, posters.              

WEEK THREE (JANUARY 19-22) , all work due, major grade assignment on time.
WEEK FOUR (JANUARY 25-JANUARY29) We will finish up all work and start chores..

WEEK FIVE (FEBRUARY 1-5 We will be completing study guide 7 along with a few other vocabulary based assignments that require sentence writing.

WEEK SIX (FEBRUARY 8-12) We will Be taking our unit test and will begin our new vocabulary.

WEEK SEVEN (FEBRUARY 16-19) We will begin study guide for Chapter 8.


WEEK NINE (MARCH 1-4) TESTING and unit test 8.

WEEK TEN (MARCH 7-11) End of nine weeks . We will be working on directions.

WEEK ONE (MARCH 21-24) Study guide 9 -directions and sentence building-major grade Wednesday.

WEEK TWO and THREE (MARCH 30-APRIL 10) There will be testing in this two weeks- we will begin our film and finish our unit on directions. Start Chapter 10

WEEK FOUR (APRIL 13-17) Movies and entertainment- we will have various assignments.

WEEK FIVE (APRIL 20-24) Review numbers and telephoning in Germany.

WEEK SIX (APRIL 27-MAY 1) TEST review and new vocabulary.


Final weeks we will review.


WEEK ONE (AUGUST 24-28)Review basic concepts of German 1. We will be making our introduction posters for the beginning of the school year.

WEEK TWO (SEPTEMBER 1-4) We will complete our study packet 2 and will keep these in our portfolios in our classroom. We will have a comprehensive work check on Friday this weeek and all work must be present at this time. Students are to begin studying for their first unit test.
WEEK THREE (SEPTEMBER 8-11) We will review, test and retest (if needed). Students will begin to work on chapter two vocabulary lists and study these.

WEEK FOUR (SEPTEMBER 14-18) We will start chapter 2 vocabulary-the students must study these words at home.  Our study guide will incorprate them so it is important for the students to learn their vocabulary.

WEEK FIVE (SEPTEMBER 21-25) Packet 2 unit 2 will be introduced. We will be concentrating on building sentences with review vocabulary and phrases from year one. We will have a check of understanding at the end of ththe week. Students must study chapter 2 at home-this is their assignment.

WEEK SIX (SEPTEMBER 28-OCTOBER 2) Review study guide-we will have our chapter test 2. Students must take their study guides home to study. We may have a retest.

WEEK SEVEN (OCTOBER 5-19) We will begin study guide and vocabulary for Chapter 3-students must study verb charts. We will be creating these in class along with a comprehensive list of vocabulary the students must study at home.
WEEK EIGHT (OCTOBER 12-16) Review, test-end of nine weeks.

WEEK NINE (OCTOBER 19-23) We will be starting chapter 4 word list and starting a vocabulary project using past participles-this will be a major grade for the new semester. All grades this week will count toward the second nine weeks.

WEEK TEN (OCTOBER 26-30)We will be viewing Sophie Scholl and creating a journal that will be used as a major grade. Near the end of the week, we will be starting chapter 4 vocabulary.

WEEK ELEVEN (NOVEMBER 2-6) Chapter 4 vocabulary review and begin chapter 4 study guide.

WEEK TWELVE (NOVEMBER 9-13) Review-test-retest-FILM TBA.

WEEK THIRTEEN (NOVEMBER 16-20) Dialogue on healthy eating and new vocabulary will be introduced. We wiil work with our list in Chapter 5-students must study these as homework.

WEEK FOURTEEN AND FIFTEEN (DECEMBER 1-19) Finish up all chapter work-review- test.


WEEK ONE  (JANUARY 4-8)We will review room vocabulary. Students will have 2 assignments due.


WEEK THREE (JANUARY 19-22) Films finish, study guide review, major grade project Chapter 7.

WEEK FOUR (JANUARY 25-JANUARY 29) This is the end of the nine weeks -all work is due we will do a poster unit.

WEEK FIVE (FEBRUARY 1-5) We will be complteting chapter 7 assignment and other sentence writing activities.

WEEK SIX (FEBRUARY 8-12) We will be taking our unit test and will start on new vocabulary.

WEEK SEVEN (FEBRUARY 16-19) We wil begin study guide for Chapter 8.                   

WEEK EIGHT (FEBRUARY 22-FEBRUARY 26) Film and review

WEEK NINE (MARCH 1-4) TESTING and unit test 8.

WEEK TEN (MARCH 7-11) End of nine weeks . We will be working on project and starting chapter 9 vocabulary.

WEEK ONE (MARCH 23-27) Study guide 9 and sentence building. We will have a major grade assignment Wednsday.

WEEK TWO and THREE (MARCH 30-APRIL 10)  We will be having testing and will work on prepositions.

WEEK FOUR (APRIL 13-17) We will begin our vacation unit and vocabulary.

WEEK FIVE (APRIL 20-24) Packet 10

WEEK SIX (APRIL 27-MAY 1)  Game project.

WEEK SEVEN (MAY 6-10) TESTING we will work on packet 11.

Final weeks will be review.

German 3 Pre-AP

WEEK ONE (AUGUST 24-28) Introductions and proficiency statements.

WEEK TWO (SEPTEMBER 1-4) Proficiecy statements, dialogues, dialogue questions.  


WEEK FOUR (SEPTEMBER 14-18) review and catch up-TEST

WEEK FIVE AND WEEK 6 (SEPTEMBER 21-OCTOBER 2) Proficiency packet, review and test. FILM TBA

WEEKS  SEVEN AND EIGHT (OCTOBER 5-16) Finish all chapter one work. Movie TBA.

WEEK ONE (OCTOBER 19-23) Verbs and verb charts.


WEEK FOUR FIVE (NOVEMBER 9-DECEMBER 4) Dialogues, grammar review and test.



WEEKS ONE AND TWO (JANUARY 4-15) POSTERS, Q and A, conversations, major project.  

WEEKS THREE AND FOUR (JANUARY 19-29) Proficiency statements, sentence writing , short story TBA.

WEEKS FIVE AND SIX (FEBRUARY 1-12) Questions and answers, film with various activities.

WEEKS SEVEN AND EIGHT (FEBRUARY 16-26) Essay structured writing with grammar topics as needed-finish film with activities. Film

WEEK NINE AND TEN (MARCH 2-11) Chapter 3 Komm mit! Review. End of grading period.

WEEK ONE AND TWO (MARCH 21-April 8 Finish chapter 3, project, test, more questions.

WEEK THREE<FOUR<FIVE<SIX (APRIL 11-MAY 6) Project with film clips, travel, plans grammar topics.

review, reflect


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