1st Period: English III
  • 7:16am - 8:05am
2nd Period: English III
  • 8:11am - 9:08am
3rd Period: English III
  • 9:14am - 10:05am
4th Period: English III
  • 10:11am - 11:02am
5th Period: English III
  • 11:08am - 12:41pm
  • **Conference**
6th Period: English III
  • 12:47pm - 1:38pm
7th Period: Baseball
  • 1:44pm - 2:35pm
*Pep-Rally Schedules will differ from the "Normal" bell schedule.*

**Every Tuesday and Thursday during my conference period, I will  be in a Team Meeting. **
Hey Parents and Students!
Welcome to the wonderful world of English! I truly believe that English is the most important subject in Education, and here is why:
        Communication is key within any discipline. It doesn't matter how proficient you are in Math, Science, etc. if you can't communicate your knowledge appropriately to your audience. One of my favorite shows on TV is The Big Bang Theory. In this show, we have a cast that is predominantly made up of super-intelligent individuals. These characters are so smart, in fact, that they poke fun at the guy who "only" has a Master's Degree from MIT. That being said, most of the characters have no clue how to pass that knowledge on to other people. Leonard and Howard have become better at communicating their thoughts throughout the show, but poor Sheldon and Raj really have no clue! With the wealth of knowledge that these characters possess, I would hope that they would be able to pass some of it on to other people, but they can't. They know of one way to communicate, and that is to essentially repeat the knowledge back to you in the same form that they understood it. They would try to explain it the same exact way every time, whether they were talking to a colleague of theirs with similar educational backgrounds or a child just starting the 1st Grade.

In English, we do quite a bit more than learn how to talk. However, everything that we do will prepare our students for the real world. When the students see that we are writing essays, it can help them with filling out college applications. When the students see that we are going to be reading in class, that will help broaden their vocabulary. When we ask them to research different ideas and present their findings through a Power Point or Prezi, it will help them out whenever they are in college or join the work force.

All students have something to say, and my job is to teach them how to communicate it.

For more information and a more "Up to date" view of what is going on in the classroom, I welcome you to go to the English III Website.

Contact Information

Justin R Story

Teacher Hs/English
Conroe High School,
Conroe ISD
Tele: 936-709-5700

Year At A Glance

1.1 Writing Process
1.2 Argumentation
1.3 Rhetorical An.
1.4 Literary An.
1.5 An. of Poetry
2.1 Drama
2.2 Literary An.
2.3 Research
2.4 Research
2.5 Tech/Prof Write


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