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Welcome to Mr. Collins English class
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Conroe, TX 77304
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My conference period is 4th period 10:11- 11:02

Electronic Device use policy: Cell phones are not permitted in class unless otherwise specified by teacher. Use of a cell phone in class without prior permission will result in consequences.
Classroom Expectations and Rules:
1. Come to class prepared and ready to learn at all times.
2. Treat others with the same respect that you would want to be treated.
3. Ask questions, I am here to serve you through teaching. If you do not ask questions you are only hurting yourself.

Late work policy, Make-up work policy:
Late but within the same week -10 points.
Late by one week -30 points.
Late by two weeks -50 points.
After two weeks it is no longer accepted (zero)
Supplies needed for class:
Pens and or pencils
Highlighter (any color)
Paper and folder or binder to do and keep track of your work
An additional folder for class writing assignments.
1st Period (Blue Folder)
2nd Period (Red Folder)
3rd Period (Yellow Folder)
5th Period (Green Folder)
6th Period (Orange Folder)

To Kill A Mockingbird Character chart and Chapter questions.

TKAM_Character_chart revised.doc

To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter Questions.docx

Weekly Agenda: 5-2 to 5-6

*We are reading To Kill a Mockingbird and it is important that each student get their own copy. They will have to read some of the novel at home.

Monday: Read chapter 18 of TKAM and discuss chapter and continue character chart, answer chapter                questions.

Tuesday: Read chapter 19 of TKAM and discuss chapter and continue character chart, answer                           chapter questions. Review for TKAM test chapter 15-19

Wednesday: TKAM chapter 15-19 test.

Thursday: Read chapter 20 of TKAM and discuss chapter and continue character chart, answer                          chapter questions. Look at Clarence Brandley Handouts for research.

Friday: Complete character chart and chapter questions. Begin working on Clarence Brandley                         research paper

Tutorials will begin November 3rd.
Tutorial Days:
Tuesday 2:40-3:40
Thursday 2:40-3:40
Extra Credit:
1.  Every nine weeks students may receive extra credit by doing their in class warm-ups. We usually    
     have 30-40 warm-ups per nine weeks which translates into 30-40 extra credit points that can be
2.  We also have a reading log worksheets. Students that read any novel outside of class on their own
     and document their reading may receive up to 10 points extra credit per novel. The reading log must
     be initialed by the parent and the student must pass an oral quiz to prove they have actually read
     the novel. Their is no limit to how many books a student may read per nine weeks. Each novel             must be over 100 pages in length and approved by the teacher beforehand.
Coming Soon:
Remember to get your own copy of To Kill a Mockingbird as soon as possible it is a grade. TKAM Test over chapters 15-19 Tomorrow 5/4


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