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English Speakers of Other Languages  I & II

Course Syllabus- English I & English II, 2015-2016               

Laura Smith- rm. 124

Course Description

These ninth and tenth grade high school courses focus on activities that build on your prior knowledge and skills in order to strengthen your reading, writing, and oral language skills.  The focus on writing emphasizes persuasive forms such as logical arguments and expression of opinion for tenth grade and expository writing forms for ninth grade.  In addition, writing for a variety of audiences, rhetorical writing in the study of literature, expository and procedural writing will be addressed.  You will be reading extensively in multiple genres from world literature written in English or translated to English.

Contact Info:

You may call the school at (936) 709.5700 and leave a message, or you may email me at lpsmith@conroeisd.net 


My door is always open if you have any questions or concerns.  If for some reason I am not available, please see another English II teacher.  Remember: the only incorrect question is the one not asked!


I welcome your input! I value communication with you; please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. The greater your involvement, the greater your student’s success.

Extra Help:

English I & II tutorials are available on Wednesdays from 2:45 until 5:00 each week.  Other locations will be announced at the beginning of September.

There are certain supplies that will be required for your English class.  (Every student must come to class with pens and pencils)

  • 1 Box of Kleenex
  • 3 Pocket Folders
  • 1 Pkg. of Construction Paper or Colored Paper
  • 1Glue Stick
  • 1Pkg. Notebook Filler Paper
Grading: Your final grade each nine weeks will be comprised of the following categories:
        Daily   30%     Quizzes are three daily grades
        Major   70% Major Grades, Projects, and Papers


Dictionary.com defines plagiarism as, “the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.” In other words: don’t take someone else's words or ideas and claim them as your own! Plagiarism is not only against Conroe High School policy, it’s illegal! Anyone caught plagiarizing will be punished to the fullest allowable extent. Please note that this policy also applies to daily work! Offenders caught copying daily work, will receive both a zero for a grade and a discipline referral.


Each unit will be followed by a test to assess for understanding. Tests will normally be given on Fridays, with Tuesday as an alternate day.  You will be notified prior to testing.  Tests are to be taken seriously; anything that could be construed as cheating or attempting to cheat will result in a ZERO for ALL parties involved.

Retest Policy:

Students are allowed to make up one test for up to an 85. Each student must arrange the retest within a week of the original test.

Make up Work:

If an assignment has been given with a due date in advance of a student’s absence, that assignment is due the day the student returns to school.
If an assignment is given during a student’s absence, that student has one day for each day the student was absent to turn in his or her work.
For major and daily grades: work handed in any time after the due date according to the schedule stated above will result in a grade of 50.

Electronic Policy:

Cell phones as well as other electronic devices are strictly prohibited within the classroom unless the teacher okays it for a project.  

Class Rules:

I have only five rules. They are not to be broken at any time!

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Prepared
  • Have Pride
  • Push Yourself
  • Follow Protocol
If we all follow these five rules, we will not have any problems.

Conroe High School Testing Schedule

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Rosetta Stone

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I will also be providing more information on this page.


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