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Period 3 conference

Periods 1,2,4,6,7 U.S. History
Room 303

Retest: A student can retake one test per 9 weeks and with a max grade of 85. The retake must take place before the next test is given. The student must attended tutorials in order to be eligible for retake. Applies to all class/courses. (There is further discussion concerning DC, will keep you updated)

        Late Work: Daily grades-one day late best grade 70%, two or more days late, best grade 50%. Zero if nothing turned in.
                           Major grade-10 points off for each school day late down to a 50%

        Make-Up Work:  Students will be given the opportunity to make up work missed due to any absence with the exception of truancy, i.e. skipping school. Truancy is the absence of a student from school without the permission of the student’s parent or guardian. It is the responsibility of the student to request and complete any assignment or test missed because of an absence. For any work assigned during a student’s absence, the student will be permitted one day for each day
of absence to complete that work. Students who miss class for an approved school activity are to notify the teacher in advance concerning the possibility of completing any tests or assignment prior to the absence. Long-term assignments are due even if the student is absent on that day. Students should make arrangements to have long-term assignments turned in on the date due if the student is unable to do so because of an absence.

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Grading Scale

90-100 = "A"
80-89 = "B"
75-79 = "C"
70-74 = "D"
0-69 = "F"
Supplies: Students will need a 1" Binder and a writing utensil for this class.

U.S. History



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