10th Grade - English II
Mrs. Kilway - Room 119
Conference period: 5th
Conroe High School phone number:  (936) 709-5700

Syllabus for World Literature (English II)
“A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimension.” ~ Oliver W. Holmes

Course Concept
In English II, we will focus on writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, research, test-taking, critical thinking, literary analysis, and speaking skills. You will also be prepared for state assessments. We will read various selections including short stories, plays, poetry, non-fiction articles, and novels both in class and at home. These selections will include classic and contemporary literature as mandated through our state’s educational benchmarks.

Class Expectations

1. Be on time.
2. Come prepared.
3. Treat yourself and others with Tiger P.R.I.D.E.
4. Participate in class/group discussions.
5. Use class time appropriately.
6. Complete assignments on time and to the best of your ability.


Supplies you will need:
  • pens/pencils
  • one red or other color pen for making corrections
  • 2 packs of lined, college-ruled paper
  • 1 Mead composition notebook (100-pages, college ruled)
Other supplies you need to bring:
  • Period 1 - 1 box of tissues
  • Period 2 - 1 package of baby or disinfectant wipes
  • Period 3 - 1 pack of pens or pencils
  • Period 4 - 1 box of tissues
  • Period 6 - 1 package of glue sticks
  • Period 7 - 1 package of colored markers (fat)
For all Classes- white copy paper, colored copy paper, or colored card stock if your family is able.~
~*You must bring these materials to class every day in order to complete daily assignments.

We cover a lot of material each class period, so be present mentally and physically. If you must be absent for a long period of time, please email me ASAP to obtain your assignments. It is your responsibility to come see me before or after school to receive missed assignments; until then, a ZERO will be recorded in the grade book in order to keep all grade point averages up to date.

Late Work Policy
    If an assignment has been given with a due date in advance of a student’s absence, that assignment is due the day the student returns to school. If an assignment is given during a student’s absence, that student has one day for each day the student was absent to turn in his or her work.~For major and daily grades:~Late work will be accepted within one week of the due date for a maximum grade of 70%. Late work will be accepted until the end of the quarter that it was assigned for a maximum of 50%. Deadlines are IMPORTANT, so please avoid turning in late work.

Grading Policy
I will happily discuss your grades before or after school; otherwise you may access your grades online and or email with any concerns. Although grades are important, our class time is essential for learning, so please be considerate. All grades are calculated from two categories: major, 70% and daily, 30%.

Testing Schedule
Language Arts tests will be given only on Tuesday or Friday. All other subject test days are available on the school website.

Retest Policy
After completing a mandatory tutorial, students are allowed to retake/redo the two lowest major grades per quarter for full credit. (Please refer to student handbook.)
Dictionary.com defines plagiarism as “the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.” In other words, don’t take someone else's words or ideas and claim them as your own! Plagiarism is not only against Conroe High School's policy, but it is also illegal! Please note that this policy also applies to daily work! Offenders (this includes both the person who copied and the person who was copied from) will receive both a zero for the grade and a discipline referral.
Electronic Device Policy~
Electronic devices may not be seen, used, or heard in a classroom without explicit teacher permission. - Use of electronic devices in common areas of the building should not impede the student's ability to listen to and comply with direction. - Violation of this policy will result in being sent to the administrator's office. - Continued violations of the electronic policy will result in a parent conference and further disciplinary action.

Extra Help
English II tutorials and makeup assignments are available after school Monday-Thursday each week. Locations will be announced at the beginning of September.
Required Texts
Students will be responsible for obtaining a copy of each novel. If a student is unable to obtain a novel, he/she should see the teacher.
Flowers for Algernon~by Daniel Keyes
Night~by Elie Wiesel
To Kill a Mockingbird~by Harper Lee
*This list may be subject to change.


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