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Rebecca (Becca) Babbitt, M.A.
Theatre Teacher
CHS9 and CHS Main Campus
Theatre I, Theatre III-IV, Theatre Production

Phone:  936-709-5832
Conference: 11:00-12:00
Or by Appointment

2nd Period - Theatre I
3rd Period - Technical Theatre
4th Period - Theatre I
5th Period - Conference
6th Period - Theatre III
7th Period - Advanced Theatre I
8th Period - Theatre Production

In June 2016 we will be traveling to Niagara Falls and Stratford, Ontario.  
 With Maid of the Mist and Under the Falls plans, we will also see shows Niagara on the Lake and Stratford.

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The Waltz of the Toreadors
runs Thursday, January 21, 22, 23, and 25.
There is a pick up rehearsal on January 26.
This is a requirement for all Theatre classes.
Seating is limited in our Black Box.

Conroe High School is a safe environment that promotes challenging programs
with rigorous expectations and a supportive atmosphere
that allows for individual differences while preparing students to become
life-long learners and responsible citizens.


CHS Theatre Production Schedule 2016
The Waltz of the Toreadors
By Jean Anouilh
Directed by Becca Babbitt
January 21, 22, 23, and 25  @ 7pm
CHS Black Box

District Contest: March 24 @ Atascocita High School

Children's Show
May 5th
CHS Auditorium

Notebook/Folder.  Pen/Pencil.  Scripts as assigned.  Smart Phone/Internet Access.

When the bell rings, phones/electronics are out of sight.  The visual is "RED" for no electronics.  If we use them in class or get an occasional free moment, the visual changes to "GREEN" for yes electronics.

        Participating in and viewing public performances and presentations are crucial to being successful in the Fine and Performing Arts.
        These educational experiences cannot be recreated through make-up or “alternative” assignments and they hold significant weight     i           in the calculation of your grade.
        Advanced Theatre 1, Theatre 2, Theatre 3, Tech Theatre
  • This is a performance-oriented class in which monologues, scenes, and scenes from one-act plays and full-length plays will be performed for an audience in a Scene Showcase to be presented toward the end of each semester. The Scene Showcase performances will require after school/evening performances and may require some after school rehearsals (per the CHS Course Handbook). Each scene showcase performance grade will be 1 major grade for the 9 weeks as well as average 50% of your semester exam grade for that semester. The other 50% will be your written exam grade. Failure to attend the scene showcase will result in a ZERO for the major grade for the 9 weeks and the maximum grade you can receive on the semester exam is 50.
        ALL Theatre courses
  • Attendance at or involvement in at least one performance of BOTH Conroe High School Theatre mainstage productions during the year (see 2014-15 schedule). Admission is free for Theatre Arts students (this is covered by the Course Fee). These are major grades for which you will receive a ZERO if you fail to attend each performance. There is also NO WAY to make up this grade if you miss the performance. The dates for the entire school year are above, so plan accordingly--beginning today.
Theatre I & Advanced Theatre I

We are in our Shakespeare unit and have just finishing watching Much Ado About Nothin.

Theatre Arts 1 Syll 14-117.doc
Theatre III

Theatre II continues to interpret material from history.  We will be watching Othello as part of our Shakespeare unit.

Theatre Production I-IV

Please keep in mind that students must be eligible to travel and perform.  

flower faces.jpg
Those Blooming Kids

Kids bloom just like flowers.
Some for a day, some for a life
And some for just a few hours.

They bloom in all sizes and colors and shapes.
They bloom when we're sleeping.
They bloom when we're awake.

Some kids are perky and hold their heads up.
Some kids are droopy
And some think they suck.

Some kids are mousy and those run in a pack.
Some kids do drugs
And we don't get them back.

Most of the boys are still into toys.
While most of the girls love tattoos or curls.

They're bigger than life
And sharp as a tack.
They're shiny and bright
Despite the skills that they lack.

They're into pop and know each latest movie.
They think I'm a geek because I say groovie.

Retro today is the trend of the latest.
They argue with me that those jeans are the greatest.

And when they reflect on the teachers they knew,
I hope they remember stage left and stage right
And you know who.

So next time you see a kid not blooming just yet,
Be patient and kind
They'll surprise you--I'll bet.


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