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Main School Number:  937-709-5700
Fax:  936-709-5655

AgSci Office:  936-709-5880

Agriculture Science

Room Ag01

All of my classes are required to keep a binder which will be turned in periodically as a grade.  The binder needs to be a 2inch, three ring binder with notebook paper.

Parent Communication will be through the following methods
1. Grade Book
2. Weekly / Monthly Emails (as needed)
Conroe FFA Website
Teacher Web Page

Classroom / Lab Rules
Students need to be in their desk when the tardy bell rings.
No Horseplay
Respect all other students
Respect other student’s personal property
Leave the work area clean at the end of class or lab time
Electronics / Cell Phones / Earbuds, etc. ARE NOT allowed during class unless specifically assigned  by teacher.
Electronics of any kind are NEVER not allowed in lab area.

Supply List:
Pen (blue or black) or Pencil
2 inch, 3 Ring Binder with notebook paper

Bell Schedule:
1st      7:16 - 8:05       Floral Design
2nd      8:11 - 9:08       Floral Design
3rd       9:14 - 10:05    Floral Design
4th       10:11 - 11:02    Wildlife
5th     B Lunch
        KCHS/Channel 1:  11:08 - 11:53
        LUNCH:  11:26 - 11:56
        Class:  11:56 - 12:41
6th        12:47 - 1:38      Conference
7th           1:44 - 2:35      Horticulture

1ST, 2ND, & 3RD Periods:
Floral Design

There is a $30 class fee for each student enrolled in Floral Design

Blue & Gold Basics: What is FFA?
Blue & Gold Basics: SAE Programs
Floral Design Tools and Safety
Special Arrangements
Anatomy of Plants
Horticulture Plant ID: Floral
Flower Identification
Post Harvest Care of Cut Flowers
Floral Design Basics: Principles & Elements
Design Fundamentals
Floral Design Basics: Techniques
Geometry in Floral Design
Corsage & Boutonniere Preparation
Wedding Arrangements
Bereavement Arrangements
Critiquing Floral Arrangements
Flower Business Management
Skills for Real World Survival
Workplace Issues
Workplace Etiquette
Introduction to Record Keeping
Career Opportunities: Floral Industry
History of Floral Design

        CHAPTER 4 TEST:  Wednesday, October 28, 2015!!  If you missed this test, come in and schedule a time to take it!!
        Vocabulary Quiz:  Tuesday, November 3, 2015
        CHAPTER 5 TEST:  Thursday, November 5, 2015

4th & 5th Periods:
Wildlife, Fisheries and Ecology Management

Students will have an opportunity to receive their Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Hunter Safety Education Certificate (Hunter Safety Card) required to hunt legally in the State of Texas.

Blue & Gold Basics: What is FFA?
Blue & Gold Basics: SAE Programs
Careers: Wildlife Management
Field Trip: Texas Freshwater Fisheries
Anatomy & Physiology of Aquatic Species
Fish Species ID
Aquatic Diseases
Reproduction Of Fish
Nutrition Of Aquatic Species
Field Trip: Sierra Forest Products
Regulations: Hunting & Fishing
Regulations: Recreational Safety
Regulations: Wildlife Utilization
Wildlife ID: Game & Upland Birds
Wildlife ID: Game Animals
Wildlife ID: Larger Antelopes & Waterbucks
Wildlife ID: Non-Game Animals
Wildlife ID: Predators & Furbearers
Wildlife ID: Skull Characteristics
Wildlife ID: Water Fowl
Dealing with Drought: Managing Grazing to Benefit Wildlife
Basic Environmental Science - NEW ITEM
Hot Topics - Feral Hogs
Feral Hog Trapping: Tools & Techniques
Hot Topics - Bobwhite Quail Declines
The History & Restoration of Desert Bighorn Sheep in Texas
Introduction To Forest Management
Basic Game Management: Ecological Concepts
Conventional Radio Telemetry: VHF Radio Tracking
Introduction to Record Keeping
Wildlife & Habitat Management in Arid Lands
Surveying Forest Land
Forest Management
Major Insects & Diseases Affecting Forests
Forest Ecosystems
Harvesting Timber

7TH Period:

Students will be working extensively outside and in the greenhouse

Blue & Gold Basics: What is FFA?
Blue & Gold Basics: SAE Programs
Landscape Tools: Use & Safety
Scientific Classification & Nomenclature of Plants
Anatomy of Plants
Plant Propagation I
Plant Propagation II
Introduction to Greenhouse Management
Pesticide Safety: Minimal Risk To The Applicator
Foliage Plant Production
Bedding Plant Production
Potted Plant Production
Container Grown Plants
Field Grown Plants
Inventory & Storing Plants
Landscape Design: Introduction
Landscape Design: Design Process
Field Trip: San Joaquin Valley
Career Planning Basics
Field Trip: Landmark Nurseries
Career Opportunities: Floral Industry
Entrepreneurship 101: Prime Dirt
Blue & Gold Basics: SAE Programs
Introduction to Record Keeping
Plant Systems

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