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United States History: Reconstruction to the Present
2016-2017 Course Syllabus

American History Instructional Focus

In this course, which is the second part of a two-year study of U.S. history that begins in Grade 8, students study the history of the United States from Reconstruction to the present. Broad based concepts of conflict, change/reform, migration/immigration, relationships, interdependence, and innovation create the central organization of study. Students use critical-thinking skills, including explaining and applying different methods that historians use to interpret the past.

Subject specific content focuses on political, economic, and social events and issues; influence of geographic factors on major events, the impact of constitutional issues on American society and efforts to expand the democratic process, the relationship between the arts and the times, and the impact of technological innovations.

The emphasis at Grade 11 is for students to develop a conceptual understanding of the United States and its place in the world. The purpose is for students to gain an overview of the relationship of events and issues that created a democratic society. Therefore, points of view and interpretation of historical context as well as current events are vital to the understanding of American society

The United States History Since 1877;  McGraw Hill, 2016.


Freedom Week Unit: American Beginnings Review- Revolution, Constitution, and Democracy.

Unit 1: Westward Expansion 1845-1877- Changes on the Western Frontier, railroads, Populism.

Unit 2: Industrial and Urbanization/Gilded Age 1877-1905 - Immigration, Segregation, New Technology, Political Machines.

Unit 3: Progressive Era 1890-1920- Progressivism, Teddy Roosevelt, Women’s Rights, Labor Unions.

Unit 4.1: US Becomes a World Power... American Expansionism 1898-1918 – Spanish American War, Imperialism, Expansionism.

Unit 4.2: US Becomes a World Power... World War I 1914-1918

Unit 5: The Roaring 20's – Prohibition, Organized Crime, Harlem Renaissance, Pop culture, Education, Credit.

Unit 6: Great Depression & New Deal 1929-1940, Stock Market Crash, Dust Bowl, FDR, gov’t expansion.

Winter Break

Unit 7: World War II 1931-1945 – Rise of Dictators Causes of World War II, Pearl Harbor, US Involvement.

Unit 8: Post War and the 1950's – Containment, Truman Doctrine, Korean War, Suburbs, Rock and Roll.

Unit 9: 1960's and the Cold War – John F. Kennedy, Brinkmanship, Cuban Missile Crisis, and Space Race.

Unit 10: Civil Rights Movement – 1954 – 1975 – Great Society, Civil Rights, feminism, Social Change.

Unit 11: Vietnam War 1965-1974 – The Vietnam War, Counterculture, Draft, 26th Amendment.

Unit 12: Modern Era... 1970's-1980's - Nixon, Watergate, Environmentalism, Conservative tide, Reaganomics.

Unit 13: Modern America 1990 - Present Day... End of Cold war, Terrorism,War in Iraq & Afghanistan, Election of Barak Obama, 2016 Election

*STARR End of Course Exam: Passing the 11th Grade Social Studies EOC test is required for graduation!


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