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7th Period Conference
1:38 - 2:35

Fall Semester

Monday, August 22
Tuesday, August 23
Classroom procedures
Parent Letter
Wednesday, August 24
Social Contract
Thursday, August 25
Introduction to Vocabulary
Friday, August 26
Distance and Midpoint
Monday, August 29
Distance and Midpoint
Tuesday, August 30
Point, lines, line segments, rays, and angles
Wednesday, August 31
Segment and Angle Addition
Thursday, September 1
Angle Bisectors
Friday, September 2
Module 1A Test
Sections 1.1 - 1.2 in Geometry book
Monday, September 5
Holiday! No School!
Tuesday, September 6
Vertical Angles and Linear Pairs
Wednesday, September 7
Properties of Equality
Thursday, September 8
Geometric Postulates
Friday, September 9
Algebraic Proofs
Monday, September 12
Conditional Statements and Counterexamples
Tuesday, September 13
Converse, Inverse, Contrapostive
Wednesday, September 14
Review for test
Thursday, September 15
Module 1B Test
Sections 1.4 - 1.5 and review of Section 1.1 - 1.2
Friday, September 16
Poster Method
Monday, September 19
Introduction to Transformations
Section 1.3
Tuesday, September 20
Section 2.1
Wednesday, September 21
Section 2.2
Thursday, September 22
Section 2.3
Friday, September 23
Section 2.4
Monday, September 26
Transformation Review
Tuesday, September 27
Module 2 Test
Wednesday, September 28
Sequences of Transformations
Section 3.1
Thursday, September 29
Sequences of Transformations Continued
Section 3.1
Friday, September 30
Introduction to Corresponding Parts
Section 3.3
Monday, October 3
Corresponding Parts of Congruent Figures are Congruent (CPCFC)
Section 3.3
Tuesday, October 4
Tessellation Project
Wednesday, October 5
Tessellation Project
Thursday, October 6
Proofs with CPCFC
Section 3.3
Friday, October 7
Module 3 Test
Monday, October 10
Tessellation Project Due
Section 4.1
Tuesday, October 11
Angle Pair Relationships in Parallel Lines
Section 4.2 and 4.3
Wednesday, October 12
Thursday, October 13
Angle Pair Relationships in Parallel Lines
Friday, October 14
1/2 Day
End of 1st Nine Weeks
Monday, October 19
Proving Lines Parallel
Tuesday, October 20
City Streets Project
Wednesday, October 21
City Streets Project
Thursday, October 22
Equations of Lines
Friday, October 23
Equations of Lines
Monday, October 26
City Streets Project Due
Tuesday, October 27
Module 4 Test
Wednesday, October 28
Poster Method
Page 200 in Geometry book
Thursday, October 29
Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles are Congruent (CPCTC)
Section 5.1
Friday, October 30
Sandwich Shop Activity
Monday, November 2
Sandwich Shop Activity
Tuesday, November 3
Triangle Congruence Postulates
Wednesday, November 4
Triangle Congruence Postulates
Thursday, November 5
Triangle Congruence Postulates
Friday, November 6
Module 4 Retest
Monday, November 9
Triangle Congruence Proofs
Tuesday, November 10
Triangle Congruence Proofs
Wednesday, November 11
Triangle Congruence Proofs
Thursday, November 12
Angle Sum Theorem and Exterior Angle Theorem
Friday, November 13
Triangle Inequality Theorem
Monday, November 16
Review of Triangles
Tuesday, November 17
Module 5 and 7 Test Part A
Wednesday, November 18
Module 5 and 7 Test Part B
Thursday, November 19
Construction Project
Friday, November 20
Construction Project
Monday, November 23
Holiday! No School!
Tuesday, November 24
Holiday! No School!
Wednesday, November 25
Holiday! No School!
Thursday, November 26
Holiday! No School!
Friday, November 27
Holiday! No School!


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